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10 Reasons to Live in a Co-live

10 Reasons to Live in a Co-live

29th July 2019 | Samay




The Millennials as they call us right now, are a totally new culture itself in many ways. An entire generation that is constantly on the move. Dreams in eyes, zeal in heart and a spring in the pace being their defining characters. With the technological boom  having taken place in the decade, the environment also has seen a rapid change with the youth being on the forefront being the quickest to evolve on the fast lane. The evolution too has been on in every domain,among which the defining ones being  Work and Accomodation dominate the cultural shift!




As a result of this, the phenomenon that has seen a meteoric rise are the Co-working and Co-living Spaces!




An Ecosystem tailor-made to fit the needs of the needy, here are 10 reasons why it s the perfect answer to the Millennial Questions!




1.    Cost




Paisa! Rokda !! Damdi !!! Kaasu Kano!!!!


The biggest factor that dictates a millennial s lifestyle is the Cold Hard Cash! And with the real estate prices having touched the Stratosphere at near escape velocity, a home in a city is an unacceptable hole in a Millennial s Pocket!




Answer: Coliving Space!


Here, on a fractional expense a backpacker can get a cozy bed in a plush house without any hassles of House Huntings! Negotiations! Adjustments and most importantly, India s obsession with married couples!


"We are giving to families only!"


How many of you have already heard this??




2.    Atmosphere




Let s get this straight, Homes in a strange city are either lonely or constricted with Landlord s Aflatoon Policies! Both of which gets on the Millennial Nerves who are all about finding their own expression.




Answer: A Coliving space!!


It is one setup where they can truly breathe free.




3.    Community




Ever felt alone in the crowd? Well it s not just you bud, that s one of the biggest side effects of the life on the fast lane. Each individual has a different make-up, a unique construct and hence different preferences and different needs. Any Millennial who moves to a new city would relate to the rarity of finding a person with matching wavelengths!




Answer: A Coliving space!!!


It s a space which has a rainbow of different kinds of people who are all on their own passion Driven Journey!




4.    The Travel





Well with Uber, Ola, Google Maps, easy transport and Instagram! Travelling has become one of the biggest fad among us millennials. But as any Traveler would testify, a new city with it s new culture, language, way of life and rules! Both written and unwritten can prove to be a bigger bite than one can chew.




Answer: Coliving Space!!!!


Well, this is a place where one can find like minded adventurers from any corner of the world…


A Generation that is on the move needs a pitstop where one can pitch in and acclimatise! A Coliving Space, provides exactly that!




5.    Settling In





When setting foot in an uncharted territory, anxiety is only natural, especially in a place where the language and culture is something new. Too many questions just adds petrol to the fire. Questions like where will I live? Where will I eat? Whom will i meet? How would it be?




Answer: Coliving Space!!!!!


These are the places that have popped up in most of the cities where one can live in a friendly atmosphere among a warm cheerful community.




6.    Healthy on the move







Another aspect very close to the Millennial heart is Fitness! As when on the move one would just hate to fall down sick or carry along restrictions for health reasons.




Answer: Coliving spaces!!!!!!


These are the places that are tailor made for traveling, exploring, enthusiastic Millennials,hence every need is taken into consideration. Good Coliving spaces are decked with fitness tools and links with the medics for it s inmates use.




7.    Landlords







Well, One word. Landlords!


The nagging, The taunting, The bullying, The policing, The nosing, The interference, The hankering, the Deposits and of course, The deadly statement, "We don t give to bachelors"! (with some exceptions of course) any person who has stayed in another city and taken up a space would know this way too well! And frankly speaking, we millennials hardly have the patience for the bare necessities, for other things its either “Get it done or Take a walk” attitude. Over that, The Landlords is just Unbearable!! 




Answer: Coliving Spaces!!!!!!!


These are the spaces on rent where there are no Looming Landlords Loitering on your head. NO Hassle, no nagging just pay your day charge and chill!




8.    Independence







Freedom and Independence! The two core necessities of the Millenial, in a rental housing structure or even one in the hotel structure, the independence to live as they feel, do stuff when they want to do stuff, that little slice of life on their own terms? (Of Course not something that will land you in Jail)




Answer: Coliving Spaces!!!!!!!!


These are the spaces that are designed with personal independence in mind, it s a safe place where as long as one is not creating a nuisance for others, they will never be impeded from their stuff.




9.    Synergies





As easy as it may be to say it, we have all experienced at some point or another the mammoth task of finding a right person to synergize with something, be it for a job, a business venture or life itself.




Answer: Coliving Spaces!!!!!!!!!


Coloring Spaces of different cities inevitably turns into a melting pot of ideas, cultures, philosophies, stories, fables, adventures and experiences.




A bustling coliving space is basically the world in a nutshell with a package of the best it has to offer. If a dreamer lands here, it s but obvious that they stand the highest chances of hitting the perfect chords!




10.  Party!!!!!!!!!!





Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!


The perfect formula with all the ingredients for a perpetual party mood!




Co living spaces are where travelers of different walks meet at a point and build strong bonds of camaraderie and friendship, one free from ulterior motives, expectations of hidden agendas. It s a place where genuine networks are made and human links linking borders and even continents are created. And is such a place of friendship, love and freedom, all the time is Party Time!!









Novella – A Tech-Enabled Platform for Readers and Writers

Novella – A Tech-Enabled Platform for Readers and Writers

29th September 2018 | Decision Tree Consulting

Love reading but don’t find the time to lap up those long novels that you crave to read?


Are you an aspiring author looking for some handholding to add more finesse to your writing? And, find an audience too?


Well, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people find themselves pressed for time when it comes to following their literary passions, be it reading or writing. Fortunately, one man decided to take the bull by its horns to create an online platform that solves these problems for both readers and writers.


Enter Novella – a platform designed by Inacio A Fernandes that enables amateur and established authors to showcase their work in the form of short stories to a wide audience of avid readers. So, while authors find a quick and seamless platform to publish their work as well as receive guidance, readers benefit from a thoughtful reading platform that is compatible with their favourite screens and features works in a short story format from a growing number of authors.


The popularity of the platform is evident from the following it has amassed in a short period of time. Since its inception in March this year, Novella has garnered 3.5k likes on Facebook and currently features over 130 stories by 65 authors.


Enabling literary passions across India


The concept of Novella is simple but unique. Facilitated by cutting-edge technology, the user-friendly platform is much loved by readers and writers across India. However, Novella is more than what meets the eye. Before you mistake it for a mere reading and publishing platform, let us tell you a little about the other activities Novella is engaged in.


Led by a team of published authors and experienced editors, Novella conducts workshops across schools and colleges in Goa and Mumbai to encourage the habit of writing amongst youngsters. The writers who want to publish their work on the platform receive editing suggestions to enhance their script. Besides, writers can also earn royalty if their stories attain wide readership on the platform and, therefore, get published in the quarterly publication by Novella featuring the best stories on the platform.


Doing it ‘Write’


Novella was established by Inacio A Fernandes, an avid reader and blogger with almost a decade of experience in the IT industry. Fuelled by the urge to create a product that appealed to the masses, Inacio conceptualised Novella as a holistic platform for the growing but time-limited literary fraternity in India.


Novella encourages writers across India to share their stories on the platform. Unlike conventional publishing, where the authors have to submit a collection of short stories to multiple publishers and hope to be picked up by them, the online platform allows authors to publish even if they have just one story. To ensure quality, each story is published after a quick editorial review. Once published, users can read and rate the story on the platform. The best performing stories are published in the quarterly digest, and authors can earn a royalty on book sales.


To inculcate the habit of writing in people, Novella also conducts workshops, seminars, contests, events, etc., encouraging people to pick up the pen (figuratively) and ‘type’ their thoughts away.   During these workshops, authors are trained to ideate as well as refine their language and expression. 


Humble Beginnings


Novella started as a bootstrapped company but was soon able to breakeven through its widely popular workshops and book sales. Through its hands-on workshops and thoughtful advertising, the startup quickly garnered a large following and, today, it is successfully carving a niche for itself in India’s literary world.


The young startup has received extensive media coverage since it was set up in March 2018. Currently, there are over 130 stories on the platform authored by 65 writers. Inacio, founder and CEO, hopes to have over 10,000 stories on the platform in the next one year.


Regarding their other activities, Novella has conducted ten writing workshops in Goa and Mumbai since its inception. In the coming year, the startup plans to launch a Novella app, include podcasts by authors on the platform as well as hold a pan-India story writing competition.




Novella is currently incubated at CIBA, Centre for Innovation and Business Acceleration. The incubator has provided financial, infrastructural and mentorship support to several successful startups. Novella, one of the unique startups supported by the incubator qualified for the Seaside Startup Summit held in Goa in March 2018 and has received broad media coverage.

Goa-based startup used blockchain technology to eliminate counterfeits

Goa-based startup used blockchain technology to eliminate counterfeits

26th June 2018 | Decision Tree Consulting

According to a 2016 International Criminal Court Governmental (ICC) report, the total value of pirated and counterfeited goods will reach between $1.9 and $2.81 trillion by 2022 (Source). It is, therefore, not very surprising to see the entire world engaged in an unending battle against counterfeit goods that not only impair the economy but also impact the health of individuals adversely.

However, it seems that the situation could soon turn around as companies such as Counterfeit IQ foray into the market, leveraging blockchain technology to eliminate the issue of counterfeits.

Ganesh Faterpekar, Founder, Counterfeit IQ believes that the issue of counterfeiting needs to be resolved urgently. “The losses due to counterfeiting stand at 1.7 trillion dollars; and, in India, it is estimated to be around 16 billion. The primary industries that are affected are manufacturing – drugs, pesticides, FMCG, spare parts, to name a few. It is not only about money, but there are around 700,000 deaths worldwide, each year, due to counterfeited drugs; an issue that must be addressed to save human lives,” says Mr Faterpekar.

Speaking about the solution introduced by Mr Faterpekar, Counterfeit IQ offers a unique system of eliminating counterfeits by using blockchain technology. The startup integrates anti-counterfeit technology at the manufacturing level for its clients, tying it up to the supply chain using blockchain, enabling the end-users to verify the products with a simple scan.


To make the process watertight, the company has developed a three-step process to establish the authenticity of products and documents. The first step is authorization where the app validates the manufacturer. The second step is authorization. Here, the app verifies that the content on the packaging has not been altered or tampered with. Finally, the last step is personalisation where the app matches personalised content such as store information, location and user data, etc. to establish the genuineness of a product or document.


According to Mr Faterpekar, Counterfeit IQ is a unique solution to the problem of counterfeits as it can verify the authenticity of products or documents in seconds. He explains that the end-consumer simply needs to scan a product with the app to ensure its genuineness. In case the user detects a fake product, a report is instantly sent to the concerned authorities and companies. The app also includes sophisticated analytics to generate heat maps of areas with high counterfeit activity that can be helpful in fighting the battle against counterfeit suppliers.                                                    


In addition to eliminating fakes, Counterfeit IQ enables businesses to gain better control over their supply chain and boost sales with integrated analytics to track sales and customer demographics.


The road ahead


Counterfeit IQ offers an innovative solution to a serious problem in the market. At a time when most businesses and individuals rely upon logos, holograms and even gut instincts to establish the authenticity of products, the startup offers an advanced solution based on reliable technology to eliminate fakes in seconds.


Counterfeit IQ aims to expand its footprint to Australia in the next few months. The startup is currently bootstrapped and incubated by CIBA (Centre for Incubation and Business Administration), Goa. As per Mr Faterpekar, founder of Counterfeit IQ, the infrastructural support and mentorship provided by CIBA has been quite instrumental on their journey. He feels proud to be associated with CIBA that has helped several startups take off from the sandy beaches of Goa.


Currently, CIBA has two incubation centres in Goa and one in Mumbai where it offers world-class infrastructure, thought-leadership and technological support to foster fledgling startups into successful businesses.


Know more about Counterfeit IQ here.


List of Awards bagged by Counterfeit IQ:

·         [CIQ] 2016: KBU Top 10 finalist

·         2017: CM Startup Top 10 finalist

·         2017: Winner of GMA Startup of the Year

·         2017: Pulse The Venture -  Selected as one of the top 24 ideas that will change India

·         2018: Smarty Fifty by IIMC top 400 out of 15000 startups in India

·         2018: ET Power of India, phase 2

·         2018: 2nd Place in Retail Challenge at Seaside Summit Goa


STEM Education in India: An Opportunity to Blossom Young Minds

STEM Education in India: An Opportunity to Blossom Young Minds

6th March 2018 | Decision Tree Consulting

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.” [Source:]

The meaning and benefits of STEM education

Today, technology is a part of every aspect of our life. Consequently, applications of STEM can be found everywhere around us – from the construction of roads and bridges to combating climate change to mobile and internet technology as well.


By introducing children to the applications of Science and Mathematics in real life at an early age, it is possible to develop their interest in STEM, encouraging them to take up STEM-related jobs in the future. So, instead of focussing on rote learning, STEM learning programs are application driven to develop the analytical and problem-solving abilities of students from an early age.

We can summarise the benefits of STEM education as follows:


·         Develop problem-solving capability

·         Logic-building

·         Hands-on learning 

·         Better learning outcomes for students in STEM subjects


Need for STEM education in India

Rapid strides in science and technology have shaped our lives in the 21st century, making STEM skills extremely desirable in the workforce. It is a proven fact that careers in STEM are much more financially rewarding as compared to most other fields. In addition, research is the cornerstone of every technological innovation, and by exposing children to STEM education at an early age, it is possible to develop their interest in the subjects, enabling them to make smarter career choices in the future.

Unfortunately, despite the demanding times we live in, the educational system in India continues to be stuck in the past. Even today, there is a major emphasis on textbook learning and the knowledge of the students is considered proportional to the marks scored by them in year-end examinations.

Especially with PM Narendra Modi introducing the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the country is on its way to become a world manufacturing hub. This means the demand for STEM professionals is only going to increase in the future. Thus, it is the need of the hour to include hands-on learning in the curriculum, especially at K-12 level, to build the curiosity of the kids towards STEM subjects in a fun environment. Introducing exploratory and interdisciplinary STEM education from early stages of school curriculum would help meet this demand by promoting inquiry-based learning that will produce the innovators, thinkers, scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

STEM education in India

According to Census 2011 data, India has the largest number of students in the world at 315 million. Yet, the educated youth lack the requisite skills to meet the demands of the corporate world, largely due to inadequate teaching infrastructure and a system that stifles creativity and innovation by focussing more on marks. Today, less than one percent students in India opt for research-oriented courses, which points towards a grim future for the country. Adoption of STEM curriculum offers a viable solution to the issue, but a few challenges have been identified in its implementation: 

·        Lack of clear guidelines on how to implement STEM

·        Shortage of qualified STEM teachers

·        Lack of technological infrastructure

·        Shifting the focus of educators from marks to innovation

Thankfully, steps are being taken to resolve this issue, with both government and private institutions facilitating special programmes for STEM education and research at school level and beyond. For example, the recently set up Indo-U.S. STEM Education and Research Centre in India offers a unique two-year program that trains Indian students to acquire world-class teaching skills at the undergraduate level. The centre is a result of the five-year partnership between OSU (The Ohio State University) and AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) under the Obama-Singh (now Indo-U.S.) 21st Century Knowledge Initiative award (2013-2017) to support faculty training of Indian postgraduate students in STEM disciplines [Read more here].

Besides, non-profit organisations such as India Stem Foundation have facilitated STEM learning for underprivileged students in India by setting up Robo Siksha Kendras in schools, many of which are funded by corporates as part of their CSR initiatives.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of government and private institutions, most schools at K-12 level today have some form of STEM programme. Closer to home in Goa, CIBA has set up a Think Lab in Manovikas School, Margao, where children are taught robotics in a hands-on and minds-on manner. Kids of all age groups are invited to explore, experiment, innovate and tinker with robotics, giving them an unmatched opportunity to learn the practical implementations of theoretical concepts and build their natural curiosity towards STEM disciplines.