Introducing Colive by CIBA

Work by the day in the best incubation centre in Goa and relax in
the evening in a spacious villa just a walk away.

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Come stay in a luxurious plush cottage Overlooking grows and fields extending right to Sea. Co-Living spaces open for booking for individuals as well as groups. Located at a mere 10 minutes ride from the Beach, this space is at a perfect distance to offer a serene environment without being too from the city.

The Co-Living space is well connected by the transport network too being within a 20 minutes drive from the International Airport and Railway Station.


The Co-Living Spaces is located right next to our Co-working facility. The CIBA being the premiere Incubation and Business Acceleration facility in Goa, offers state of the art coworking spaces, with decked with all the facilities a user can ask for

A perfect plug and play facility which seamlessly embeds a professional environment for you within the scape of your holiday destination.


Imagine being able to ride out to and chill the beach whenever you felt like. Imagine cutting out the tedious journey and irritating traffic completely from your commute to workplace and back. Well, that's exactly what we offer you.

The perfect holiday destination can now be the destination for your workplace. Whenever you wish to take a break ride out to the beach in the front or the hills and rivers in the back as and when you want!

When we incubate, we don't just give a space, but a complete nurturing environment
Because we understand you.


20 Km Dabolim

Bus Stand

6 Km Margao

Railway Station

10 Km Margao


5 Km to Majorda Beach

Super Store

Within 2 Km radius


6 Km Margao