Novella – A Tech-Enabled Platform for Readers and Writers

29th September 2018 | Decision Tree Consulting
Novella – A Tech-Enabled Platform for Readers and Writers

Love reading but don’t find the time to lap up those long novels that you crave to read?


Are you an aspiring author looking for some handholding to add more finesse to your writing? And, find an audience too?


Well, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people find themselves pressed for time when it comes to following their literary passions, be it reading or writing. Fortunately, one man decided to take the bull by its horns to create an online platform that solves these problems for both readers and writers.


Enter Novella – a platform designed by Inacio A Fernandes that enables amateur and established authors to showcase their work in the form of short stories to a wide audience of avid readers. So, while authors find a quick and seamless platform to publish their work as well as receive guidance, readers benefit from a thoughtful reading platform that is compatible with their favourite screens and features works in a short story format from a growing number of authors.


The popularity of the platform is evident from the following it has amassed in a short period of time. Since its inception in March this year, Novella has garnered 3.5k likes on Facebook and currently features over 130 stories by 65 authors.


Enabling literary passions across India


The concept of Novella is simple but unique. Facilitated by cutting-edge technology, the user-friendly platform is much loved by readers and writers across India. However, Novella is more than what meets the eye. Before you mistake it for a mere reading and publishing platform, let us tell you a little about the other activities Novella is engaged in.


Led by a team of published authors and experienced editors, Novella conducts workshops across schools and colleges in Goa and Mumbai to encourage the habit of writing amongst youngsters. The writers who want to publish their work on the platform receive editing suggestions to enhance their script. Besides, writers can also earn royalty if their stories attain wide readership on the platform and, therefore, get published in the quarterly publication by Novella featuring the best stories on the platform.


Doing it ‘Write’


Novella was established by Inacio A Fernandes, an avid reader and blogger with almost a decade of experience in the IT industry. Fuelled by the urge to create a product that appealed to the masses, Inacio conceptualised Novella as a holistic platform for the growing but time-limited literary fraternity in India.


Novella encourages writers across India to share their stories on the platform. Unlike conventional publishing, where the authors have to submit a collection of short stories to multiple publishers and hope to be picked up by them, the online platform allows authors to publish even if they have just one story. To ensure quality, each story is published after a quick editorial review. Once published, users can read and rate the story on the platform. The best performing stories are published in the quarterly digest, and authors can earn a royalty on book sales.


To inculcate the habit of writing in people, Novella also conducts workshops, seminars, contests, events, etc., encouraging people to pick up the pen (figuratively) and ‘type’ their thoughts away.   During these workshops, authors are trained to ideate as well as refine their language and expression. 


Humble Beginnings


Novella started as a bootstrapped company but was soon able to breakeven through its widely popular workshops and book sales. Through its hands-on workshops and thoughtful advertising, the startup quickly garnered a large following and, today, it is successfully carving a niche for itself in India’s literary world.


The young startup has received extensive media coverage since it was set up in March 2018. Currently, there are over 130 stories on the platform authored by 65 writers. Inacio, founder and CEO, hopes to have over 10,000 stories on the platform in the next one year.


Regarding their other activities, Novella has conducted ten writing workshops in Goa and Mumbai since its inception. In the coming year, the startup plans to launch a Novella app, include podcasts by authors on the platform as well as hold a pan-India story writing competition.




Novella is currently incubated at CIBA, Centre for Innovation and Business Acceleration. The incubator has provided financial, infrastructural and mentorship support to several successful startups. Novella, one of the unique startups supported by the incubator qualified for the Seaside Startup Summit held in Goa in March 2018 and has received broad media coverage.




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