Getting the max out of your email marketing campaign

10th February 2017 | Decision Tree Consulting
Getting the max out of your email marketing campaign

Do you know that emails are up to 40% more effective than Facebook and Twitter (combined) in increasing customer acquisition for your business?

With hundreds of emails bombarding potential consumers each day, sharing information about your brand and product via email is still your best bet to stay in touch with consumers. But, in the milieu of hundreds of emails, how do you ensure that your email-marketing campaign does not fall flat?

Well, as always, there are certain principles that marketers, from experience, have developed to ensure your subscribers actually open and read the emails sent by you.

Email marketing is more powerful than ever before. Here are some cues to get you started.

Personalized subject lines – Personalization is the buzzword for 2017. A large number of marketing professionals confirm that personalization increases consumer engagement.

A 2015 report revealed that personalized emails could improve click-through rates and conversions by 10% or more.

Yes, to tempt a reader into opening your email from the hundreds she has received, it is important to personalize your emails in creative ways, such as addressing the reader with her name in the subject line, to increase the opening rates.

A creative and personalized subject line is your best bet – Brainstorm and craft a short catchy title, up to 50 characters long, that will stand out in the recipient’s mailbox.

The format – No one wants to read a boring pile of text. Make an effort to keep your emails clean, concise and ‘good looking, to prevent the subscribers from getting bored. It may be a good idea to invest in a professional email template or get one especially designed for your brand.

The call to action – The main aim of your email marketing campaign is to ‘click-through’ users to your website – which can be achieved by using a strong and clear call to action. Deviate from the boring and use some creative lines to compel the users to click on your website link. Asking a question in your call to action or offering freebies, such as free e-books and coupons, are good reasons for users to click on the link provided by you.

The unsubscribe option - Before embarking on your email campaign, it is important to understand that only some people, and not all, will be interested in receiving your emails. Instead of buying an email database from outside, build your own organic subscriber list by asking people to subscribe on your website through blogs and social media. Including a subscribe button in your website is as important as including an ‘unsubscribe’ button in your emails. Some people will want to opt-out, ensure they are free to do so.

Mobile friendly – Over 50% of all the emails received are opened on mobile devices.

Do you look good on the mobile?

Before launching your email campaign, check whether your email looks good across platforms and devices, to ensure better user experience.


Once you have included all the above points in your email campaign, you are all set to tap into the power of email marketing – except, never ever forget the golden rule of ‘No Spam’. Spamming means sending out emails to persons who have not opted to receive them. Being marked as spam by a large number of users will not only restrict your access to several mailboxes, but also make your brand look bad.



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