3 Simple Steps to Promote Your Startup on Facebook

28th January 2017 | Decision Tree Consulting
3 Simple Steps to Promote Your Startup on Facebook

Facebook promotions form the significant size of the entire social media marketing platform. Unsurprisingly, most businesses, large and small, swear by Facebook’s promotional tools when it comes to promoting their brand or product or service to the right audience at really affordable cost.

With over 38% of the total online users in the world on Facebook (1.70+ billion to be precise), no business can dare to miss the Facebook platform for promoting its offerings or forwarding its brand.

Seemingly difficult, promoting your business on Facebook is just like ‘1, 2, 3...’ literally!

1.    Create a Facebook Page for Your Brand


Creating a Facebook page for your business is easy. You can simply login to your own Facebook personal profile and choose ‘Create Page’.


Selecting the type of page you want to create, you can proceed to fill in more details to successfully create your business page. Once you add relevant content and profile pictures on the page, don’t forget to invite your friends to like your page. Remember, your business page cannot have friends. It can only have ‘likes’. It is worthwhile to garner as many likes for the page as possible  because the people who liked your page will become your audience, and everything shared by you on your page will surface in their timelines.


2.    Choose what to promote


Of course you know that you need to promote your brand, products or services. Facebook allows you a unique opportunity to promote either of the following through its platform:


     Promote a post

     Promote your Facebook page

     Promote your website


You may choose to promote all three at different stages of your online marketing strategy. When you promote a post (picture of a product, flyer or an e-vite) your audience will see and may also ‘like’ your post. It is ideal to promote posts that have a link to ‘Buy’ the product or ‘Join’ an event.


When you choose to promote your Facebook page, the cover picture of your Facebook page reaches the audience, who may choose to visit the page and even like it. In the initial stages of marketing through Facebook, it is better to promote your page. This will win a large audience for you (they are essentially people who subscribed to your page); and when users from this audience react to your posts, their own network will receive the notification, which will mean much more exposure to your posts and brand.


Facebook also gives you an amazing opportunity to promote your website. If you have a dynamic website with an integrated payment gateway then you can even start selling through a simple Facebook promotion campaign!


Tip: Facebook not only allows you to promote your post or page or website across the globe at nominal cost, it also allows you to filter your target market. Choose a target market that is most likely to be interested in your products / services.


3.    Manage Your Ad Campaigns With Cutting-Edge Analytics & Insights


Facebook offers a highly useful campaign management dashboard that displays the reach against the budget spent. Also, you can see the performance of your ad with respect to the demographics it reached. Based on the various insights and analytics, you can fine tune your target audience, polish your content, and even select the best time to launch an ad campaign.

Promoting your business on Facebook is swift, affordable, and also impactful. So make that killer ad campaign (use www.pixabay.com and www.unsplash.com to get free high-resolution pictures), get a thousand likes and take your business to the far corners of the world with Facebook’s promotional tools! 


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